Monday, February 3, 2014

Key West - Nearby Streets

Heliconia, just a small shot of a huge plant
We often just take a walk along nearby streets. There are plantings that are just gorgeous and benefit from the tropical climate. You can also see some original designs in outdoor settings (see photo), never quite ever saw anything like that.

Some original thinking on the use of an old tub
Coming back we passed by a huge Heliconia plant that had a full blossom, right by the sidewalk. It's a treat to just watch and observe the scenery as you walk along. We also walked along Duval Street and Ann went through all the gallery shops. There is some real talent on display at Key West, especially at the Wyland Gallery. It is well worth the trip down Duval Street if you're ever in Key West.

Meanwhile, we're easing into the Key West routine which won't be complete until we return the rental car on Thursday. We plan on seeing Fiona at an Irish pub on Tuesday night and then have another night out at a well reviewed sushi restaurant on Wednesday, should be fun.