Friday, January 31, 2014

Key West - Barry Cuda night

BO's Fish Wagon is still there - or mostly anyway, it's composed of many parts
Even in paradise you have to deal with the local cable company if you want TV while here (e.g., Super Bowl, Olympics, etc.) They could give lessons to Cablevision on how to be a bad provider and terrible customer service. But enough of that, dealing with such entities when the weather outside is in the 70's doesn't elicit much sympathy from those less blessed with warmth.

Barry Cuda in full form, notice the size of the piano he wheels around town
Key West is Ann's favorite place for hair styling so she took advantage of that opportunity today while I ran back and forth to Comcast (no more details in this blog!)  Back to the boat for relaxation and then on to BO's Fish Wagon for dinner and to listen to Barry Cuda play the piano. It's the one he wheels down the streets of Key West between gigs. You can see how big it is in the photo, somehow he manages.

Ann's new haircut
We also met the McKeevers, they joined us at BO's Fish Wagon for some catching up. We'll get together later this week or next, after all, we're on island time.