Thursday, February 27, 2014

Key West - Still here

What we saw Thursday morning! Not good!
We were greeted in the morning with a series of rolling storms from the west, all with high winds and rain. As far as the radar could see, the storms kept coming and the prediction had changed from last night from partly cloudy to rain all day - so much for the accuracy of the weatherman. So faced with the prospect of storms all day, we decided to stay in port and wait out the bad weather (the vote was unanimous!).

Many, many tee shirt shops, this one had an in-store printer for any message you wanted
Without the full sun all day, the weather turned cooler (in the high 70's) and the locals broke out the jackets and hooded sweatshirts. I can't wait to see what they wear tomorrow morning when the low is predicted to be 63! That's not to say we're immune anymore, we closed up the cockpit when the temp dipped under 75!

Every year they sell chances on a sports car and a bike on Duval Street
We plan on staying until Saturday morning now if Friday comes up as predicted on tomorrow's forecast. Then we'll make a run for Marathon and a week's stay probably, hopefully there's an empty mooring available.