Thursday, February 20, 2014

Key West - Long distance problems

The dinner crew is lined up for excess fish form the fishing boats - but they keep out the seagulls!
Being away from New York so much and still having to do everything necessary to support a house there requires good long distance communications. All of this is made much easier now with the now common unlimited phone service and internet service by gigabyte. The best way is to have all bill paid automatically, it works best to keep all services alive but there are still a few hangers-on that still are not up to date, one being the local taxes and the other being insurance on the house. All other bills are automatically paid. So you can imagine the consternation upon receiving a letter in the latest mail drop (weeks old) that said if I didn't respond by a certain date (long past) my house insurance would be cancelled - and cancelled it was. Many phone calls later, it turned out to be an error on the part of the insurance agency who didn't forward the payment to the New York Mutual office - so I really was without insurance! Fortunately, it appears that everything at the house was okay (via the 6 webcams) and the insurance will be reinstated tomorrow - hope nothing happens before then...

Schooner Wharf always has a band that's always lively
All this is a reminder that  bad things can happen even with the latest phones and internet connectivity. So after spending several hours over the phone, we finally got our act together and provisioned at the nearest Publix. That was followed by our last tour up and down Duval Street in our convertible which we have to turn in on Friday morning, no more convertible fun :(

As I looked at the thermometer on the car at 9:00 while cruising, it read 80, not bad for a February night!