Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Stonington - We have dinner at The Dog Watch

Part of the commercial fleet at Stonington
The storms came today, they looked ferocious over the radar with severe thunderstorm warnings out in a solid line as they approached. However, as they drew closer, they seemed to lose strength and by the time they reached us, there was just some rain in the clouds and not much of that. We were not disappointed! We had heard reports of hail and strong winds up to 60 mph but we never saw any of that. So we did boat chores in the morning and were ready for a night out for dinner later in the day provided there was a break in the storms. So with our eyes glued to the radar over the internet, we saw an opening and headed out to meet up with the Mehaffeys at The Dog Watch restaurant at Dodsons Marina. The dinner was good, recommended.

Ann shows off her "Dark and Stormy" - note the two layered drink
We passed by the commercial dock on the way back. You can see the large boats tied up and there's a store where you can buy flash frozen fish right next to the dock that's caught locally. The blister packs are perfect for stocking your freezer for a long boat trip. Best of all, the price is right, very reasonable.

On Wednesday we're headed to North Cove on the Connecticut River, time to head west and PYC. There is rain predicted for the morning so we'll leave after that, hopefully there's a free mooring.