Friday, July 27, 2012

At PYC - We make it through the storm!

Matthew on land! (it's not his...)
After the storm came through, we got a lot of rain but the air was calm and we had a restful night. It sure pays to watch the NOAA radar! We would have been caught in the middle of the river just above the Poughkeepsie bridge with no visibility!

In the morning we started out once again for PYC but only after checking the NOAA radar for any storms in the area - there were none here but there were a bunch around Albany. So we used the fender on the bow, line aft and forward thrust with the engine to get off the face dock (the aft of the boat swung out with this maneuver) and we backed out. This technique even works with 25 to 30 kts winds pinning you against the dock - we know, we've done it under those conditions (with big boats within 5 ft fore and after of you on the same face dock).

Coming into PYC we couldn't raise anyone on the VHF or phone but with the tide against us at that point it was no problem coming into the dock by ourselves. We immediately plugged in and turned on the A/C! We off-loaded and headed home, another Long Island cruise comes to a close.

Now I have to haul the boat, redo the teak, wax the hull, put on bottom paint and check the zinc. Hopefully I can get all this done in a couple of weeks so I can relaunch Fleetwing by the end of August. This is the last post of the Long Island cruise and the blog will restart 9/15 or thereabouts depending on weather for our ICW cruise to Florida - be sure to come back to follow us south!