Monday, July 2, 2012

Sarah with Nana and Hoolie - To the Beach!
Sarah is writing a blog (just like Grandpa!) and Matthew helps some but mostly it's in her own words. Her comment at the end about getting a Fleetwing jacket is given only on the second year of a cruise (i.e., you have to earn your jacket). So far we've given two out, Matthew and Sarah but here are three more waiting in the wings that are too young for now.

ahoy there is me i went sailing from manhassett bay to north port.i steered the boat and saw  fish splashing in the sea.i went swiming in north port.i did the breast stroke,dived and had some fun and  jump in!we have anchored the boat and i turned off the boat myself.we went to walk hoolie on the beach  there were shells and sooth rocks too.we saw 3 crabs,  2 were small 1 was big tuck under a rock.also i colected some shells and some smooth rocks and matt climbed big rocks,we also saw on the baech is  horse shoe crabs on shore but they were not alive.we are at the boat going to watch rio.i almost forgot  i got my fleetwing jacket! 

Nice, Sandy Beach
We made the run from Manhasset to Northport under motor (5 kts of wind!) and was happy that the heat abated somewhat with a high today of 86 which is a big difference from 95! We took our favorite anchorage by Sand City but further north, a few hundred yards off the north spit of land out by ourselves. A visit to the nearby beach completed the day to give Hoolie and the kids some exercise.

Tuesday we're off to Port Jefferson to get a good spot for the fireworks. They are controlling access for residents only on land but not for just anchoring out, we get a better view anyway.