Saturday, July 14, 2012

Block Island - Rest of crew arrives!

Everyone's happy to see Daddy!

ahoy there is me sarah. I have woked up and  woke in a storm with rain, we have waked hoolie on shore. We  have had breakfast,we had french toast sticks they were delictous! I have read a book about a dog that gets saved by a person marty. I have made a hat, a moster hat and more bracelets!there here! there here!  my mommy, daddy and natalie  are here on the fleetwing they came on a fariy boat.we went swiming on the back of the fleetwing i did the back stroke, freestyle,pencil dive and the cannon ball! We are takeing a brake from swimming and working more on my hats and bracelets,we are swimming again and did jumping in the water!we are eating dinner that was delictous too,i felt like swimming again so i did that  was fun!we have went on a dink ride we went to throw the trash out and nataie and daddy had a detour of the OAR we are going to eat there tomorrow night. we went a little furthur and went back to the fleetwing and now going to play farkle or watch a movie!

Sarah is very intent on writing her blog every night. Little by little she's picking up on having to capitalize the first letter of a sentence and to add a space between sentences but sometimes she misses a few - but making progress. Sarah doesn't use a spell check program, she's trying to learn how to spell as she does her blog.

The Oar Restaurant - it gets its name from oars donated  by boaters from all over the world covering the walls
Meanwhile, the rest of the crew arrived on the fast ferry from New London. We now have a full boat of four adults, one teenager and two grade schoolers. With the temperature around 80 all day and 65% humidity, everyone just swam off the back of the boat. Just give kids some water and they can entertain themselves, they did so all day, never tiring.

The winds are piping up tonight with gusts to 17 kts and we saw several towboats ahead of us with flashing red lights steering a four boat raft to a new location. It appeared that nobody was aboard (gone ashore?) and the raft was dragging, endangering nearby boats which had to move to get out of the way. Why anyone would leave a raft and go ashore when high winds are predicted does damage to supposed good seamanship. The last we saw, the raft was disappearing to the opposite shore. I'd be interested in the reaction of the owners when they return in their dinghies and discover their boats missing!

 Clouds - A portent of coming high winds?
We'll be here Sunday too and will use the day to explore Block I expect but with even more swimming off the back of the boat.