Sunday, July 8, 2012

Branford - Ill Crew Member

There are still empty slips for the summer at Branford - but not many
ahoy there is me sarah!i have awoken and i helped mommy to walk cody our dog and saw grandpa walk hoolie .then i went to the energency room and had to get blood test,a x-ray and a ultrasound. i went there because of my stomach ache but i was fine. i went to go swim in the pool i did the back stroke, the freestyle, the jelly fish, swimed under water and the cannon ball! i went back to the boat for dinner we had pizza and going to go back home but i will come back some, i will see you later bye.

We had a problem today when Sarah developed a serious stomach ache. She went to the emergency room and after several tests it was diagnosed as probably not appendicitis which was the fear. However, she is mightily disappointed since she has to leave Fleetwing to see her family doctor Monday. If she gets the okay from her doctor, then she can rejoin Fleetwing at the Connecticut River where we'll be at on Tuesday for the cruise out to Block Island. She had been looking forward to her summer cruise all winter so she's very sad at the moment. Matt is still with us and we'll put him to work the rest of the week.

Although the marina is not 100% full, it's doing pretty well against most of the marinas we've been at recently. We'll leave Monday for Mattituck and the anchorage by the town. It's a small anchorage but it should be okay for a Monday night, we hope.