Friday, July 6, 2012

Branford - At a dock

What would brothers do without little sisters to tease?
ahoy there is me sarah!i have awoken and nana and grandpa walked hoolie and me and matt cleaned the boat then went to go sailing to brandford.we had to go get diseal first then docked the boat,we got ready to go swimming in the pool,i showed nana and grandpa the breast stroke, freestyle and the back stroke, the water was warm! we went back to the boat to dry off and we had dinner, i liked it! now going to watch a movie!

We actually sailed today! Heading out from Branford we found the wind to be off the starboard side and we had a good angle for Branford, at least for the first hour before the wind died. We'll take what we can get. It's still hot with the temperature topping out at 91 by the pool. On Saturday it's supposed to reach 93 but then start cooling off with temperatures only in the low 80's for Monday and the rest of the week.

Milford has nice flowers all around their marina!
The kids spent all afternoon in the pool which I'm told was very warm. The rest of the crew arrives Saturday so there'll be 7 of us on the boat Saturday and Sunday but mostly we'll be all in the pool anyway followed by a dinner at world famous Lenny's (best fried clams on the East Coast!) Saturday will also be a major, major provisioning day! We're out of everything so it's restocking day for the larder before we head off for Block Island and points beyond.