Monday, July 23, 2012

Milford City Landing - At a dock and we go for best ice cream on east coast

Just the best ice cream shop - right behind the marina!
Storms were all around us this morning and we waited for one to pass before weighing anchor and leaving for Milford. It's situations like this where the internet is really handy since you can access NOAA weather radar to see storms coming and time your exit. So we waited for an opening in the march of the storms and rev'ed up to 2300 rpm and sped north. We were able to reach the docks at Milford before any more storms hit.

At half mast...

Milford Landing has one washer and one dryer but at least on a Monday the marina was empty and the charge is only $1 per load. Not too exciting but necessary for cruisers. I went next door to see Larry from Milford Boat Works who had my order of 4D batteries ready for installation on Tuesday. They weigh 130lbs each so it's not something I can do by myself. I also picked up our new skillet, I had ordered made in Switzerland with diamonds impregnated into the non-stick coating. It's a novel approach and it's advertised to me much more durable than normal non-stick coatings. We'll give it a try since our previous non-stick skillet gave out.

After dinner, we marched over to the best ice cream shop we've found on the east coast! It's a small shop but with lots of flavors and toppings with generous servings - and best of all - the ice cream is delicious! We'll be here through Tuesday to get the new batteries installed before heading west again on Wednesday.