Friday, July 20, 2012

North Cove - A rainy day

The Mehaffeys were right behind us - hard to miss Leathem's jacket
The weather came in cloudy and rainy with high winds and a small craft advisory for the Sound. We had intended to sail for Mattituck but with the winds out of the east with 15 to 20 kt winds, we thought we would better enjoy another day in North Cove instead. Besides, the Mehaffeys were also there and we could play some bridge and have dinner together, not a bad plan.

We watched the radar from NOAA and saw nothing but a series of rain patches coming this way so we picked an opening per the radar and took Hoolie in after which it commenced to rain in earnest for the rest of the day (see side panel on iPad apps for the radar app). We then accessed grib for an update on winds for Saturday and the NOAA coastal forecast for more info and found that Saturday would be ideal for the trip across the Sound. It's really very handy having an internet connection while cruising along with the iPad and associated apps.

Nice dinner on a rainy day aboard the Fleetwing!
North Cove allows visitors to take the free moorings for up to 72 hours so we are still within their limits after two days. Being here sure beats fighting the small craft advisories on the Sound. Now it's Mattituck on Saturday.