Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Port Jefferson at anchor - We Explore the Sand Pit

Top of the Dunes!
It was finally cooled off somewhat so we took advantage of the better weather to explore "The Sand Pit" which is an area surrounded by high sand dunes where there used to be an anchorage in the middle. It's now filled with moorings with no place to anchor, so sad. However, we had anchored outside the cove and dinghied over to explore. The anchorage is surround by tall dunes (100 ft high?) and the kids took to climbing to the top, of course! I followed along on one climb but opt'ed out on the rest. So with the kids thoroughly exercised and the dog panting, we headed back to the boat.

Getting there was half the fun1
However, that was not enough to tire out the crew so back into the water off the back of the boat was next, for about two hours! Meanwhile, Sarah is learning to steer the dinghy pretty well. Matthew can both start the motor and do the steering, now I can just sit back and rest! And now from Sarah who is very intent in keeping up with her blog!

ahoy there is me sarah!i did not get to finish last nights blog so here is some of yestardys!i went swimming  yesterday i did the back stroke,breast stroke,dived and did the cannon ball and then watch rio!  that was yesterday,here is today.i had awoken and had walked hoolie on shore with more shells.we had came  back,and had for breakfast was delicious pancakes.i went up deck and saw a swan right next to  the boat!hoolie was barking at it,it was hissing,but the swan swimmed away! we saw a horse shoe crab shell floating in the water.we are in the dink and went to a beach with really high dunex, me and matt climbed one of them and went back down and went back to the dink to go to the boat.we swam on the back of the boat and did the back stroke,breast stroke,jumped,dived and did the cannon ball!we eat dinner and going to watch a movie because we finished rio! 

A "Swimming Team" dive - for speed
You can see what's important to a 9 year old! So far all the storms have either gone east or west of us but I'm afraid that we'll eventually be hit - they look like popcorn on the radar map, all over the place. We'll head to Milford on Thursday for a stay at a dock and ice cream in the evening plus some boat chores to get ready for the rest of Matthew's family's arrival in Branford on Friday.


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