Sunday, July 15, 2012

Block Island - the kids go to the beach

A typical hotel on Block Island
Ahoy there is me sarah ! I have woked up and read a book shiloh that i told you yesterday,and now we have walked hoolie on shore i found a rock for my collection we have went back to the fleetwing. We are playing ,we are going to get donuts because sunday we have donnuts for brekfast we are geting them at the killer donut shop! We had to take the trash out first and went in the shop to get coffee and ice we went to a different spot and walked to the donuts so we are here there was a little line,we got 12 sugar donuts 1 blueberry muffin, 1 cinnamom bun and 1 bagel. We are headed back to the fleetwing we eat the donuts and going to the beach and in the water we saw a 20 dollar bill in the water then matt got it out of the water and then went to walk to the beach and i went swimming but we did not get to swimm as much because the waves were big and we jumped other then and we  went back to shore to make a wall so the water does not ruin the alligator made of sand and then matt went for a walk on shore and me and natalie  went back in the water and more jumping other the waves and me and natalie collected some rocks for my collection of shells and rocks and saw some dogs on the way back to are spot on the beach ! We went back in the water when matt came back from his walk and then came back out of the water and saw a little boy stomped ON MY ALLIGATOR i made ! and went to the shack to get lunch and we headed back to the fleetwing   we were going to swimm on the back of the boat but it started rain now had dinner and going to play farkle!

That was Sarah's last blog for awhile. The crew leaves Fleetwing on Monday until next year's summer cruise. It is possible that we may have all three grandkids from Connecticut next year although Natalie may only be for one day. It would be an empty nest for a short time for the parents!

One of the many landing beaches for dinks
The crew spent the day on the beach and reported that it was in great shape. It was real sand, not the pebbles common to Long Island beaches that they're used to. They also had real waves coming in since Block Island faces the ocean and not the Sound. Well, they used up all the sunshine and now it's come in cloudy with rain now and then. I can see more storms arriving from the west on radar so it will be a stormy night I think. Everyone's playing Farkle, a dice game for all ages with a little strategy to make things interesting. It's been fun but now we'll be by ourselves after we see the crew off on Monday. Hopefully the storms won't be too bad tonight.