Friday, July 13, 2012

Block Island - Lunch at The Oar

Sarah with Oar specialties
Ahoy there is me sarah! i have woked up and play a game, matt sleep on the sleepy side and grandpa and matt walk hoolie on shore.i set the table for brekfast,matt and grandpa came back so we can have brekfast we had cerael and bagels.i made more backlet for grandpa and natalie when she get here and my stuffed animal brody.we have swan on the back of the boat i did the cannon ball, pencil dived and the freestyle, the good thing was we did not see any jelly fish today.we have went to the OAR we had bufflo wings and claimari it was delicious. we have went back to the boat so Maheffeys and they brough chilly that was delicious too.grandpa took them back to there boat because their motor was broken and we have took hoolie a shore and matt swam there we went back to the fleetwing and now going to read a book!

As you can see, Sarah is a busy girl! We all did some boat work today with Matt polishing the stainless and Ann oiled the interior wood. We mainly just enjoyed the cool temps and sunshine. We tried the Oar for lunch and found there was a 15 minute waiting time for an outside deck table but there was no wait for the newly set out lawn picnic tables below. They didn't have them last year, it expands their serving area by almost 2x.

The dinghy dock was as crowded as ever but we shoe-horned in for lunch. More boats arrived in the anchorage and several tried to anchor just ahead of us but eventually gave up, there's just no room and moved on. I expect more will try Saturday. Ann and Leathem Mehaffey arrived today and came over for a visit and brought dinner, Leathem's famous chili! It's great to get together with friends on a boat.

The rest of the crew arrives Saturday and we'll have a full boat! I'm sure there's be lots of swimming. Matt swims to shore several times a day where we pace him with the dinghy when taking Hoolie for relief. He said he needs to stay in shape for his swim team. Maybe he'll race his dad...