Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Manhasset at the town free moorings

Small fish formed pools of disturbed water all along our way
We started out this morning headed for Port Jefferson but then thought of making Northport but then thought again for making Manhasset. We finally settled on Manhasset and got in around 2:30 after starting at 8:00 from Milford. The best part was the north wind between 12 and 15 kts, we sailed about 2/3 of the way! There was good wind in the morning, then a lull around noon and then the wind picked up again in the afternoon. Just a great day of sailing! As a plus, the wind coming off the north shore didn't produce much wave action, nice and flat water for sailing!

There were plenty of moorings available although quite a few are now missing lines. We picked one up that still had a line attached. Otherwise you could still thread one of your lines through the chain link sticking up at the top of the mooring ball to make your own pennant. We made a couple of trips in for Hoolie but otherwise didn't go into town. It's really hot here! The temperature in the cockpit reached 92 as we sat on the mooring. It didn't start cooling off until after 5:00 and now it's down to 79 at 8:45.

Easy dinghy tie up at the town dock
Given that it's supposed to be even hotter on Thursday, we are going to try making PYC. We'll go through Hell Gate at the end of the favorable tide and when we reach the Battery, the tide will be changing to a flood. We've done this before - when the timing is right you can ride the flood all the way up the Hudson. We can usually maintain 8 to 9 kts doing that, we'll see if that holds true for Thursday.