Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Steamboat Creek - At anchor

The famous (for the ICW crowd) octogon house at the anchorage
Well, we got through all the skinny water today. Of course we had a high tide of 7 ft when we hit the worse spots but even allowing for the tide, we would have made it at low. You can read some of the reports about other people bottoming out in the same places but many of those just didn't pay attention to staying in the narrow channel in the difficult areas (Watts Cut, Ashepoo Coosaw Cut Off, Brickyard Creek, all famous to ICW'ers). Of the group, Ashepoo Coosaw Cut Off was right up there with Mud River, both challenges at low tide for anything drawing more than 5 ft. We now have the worse areas behind us. There are some tight spots still ahead but not as bad as what we've already been through.

Crabbing off the docks

Steamboat Creek has the prerequisites of a protected anchorage and a place for Hoolie relief. We took Hoolie in to the public dock and found a family crabbing off the floats, a popular thing to do around here. We had to watch Hoolie like a hawk. He was very interested in the bait they used, yum, yum! Having experience with his dietary indiscretions in the past, we kept a tight leash on him and successfully negotiated the dock without incident.

Not as warm as it looks, temps in the low 70's
On Wednesday we're headed for Charleston and the Maritime Center, one of our favorite marinas. It's very small and can be rocky from the waves given off by the boat traffic but it's centrally located in Charleston and within walking distance to a great supermarket, Harris Tetter and an IMax and an aquarium. Great to visit.