Monday, April 16, 2012

Barefoot Landing Marina - A beautiful trip north

Mesmerizing images as we glided along
We got an early start from Georgetown, around 7:15 am and the water was perfectly still. It was like you were in a reflecting pond when viewing the shoreline. There was a slight mist in the air which added to the surreal feeling as we passed by the marshes and trees lining the ICW. There wasn't a soul in sight for many, many miles are we headed north and we just watched the countryside slide by, just beautiful. This is one of our favorite stretches of the ICW with the solitude and natural beauty on both sides.

Lots of turtles
We saw turtles galore but we were on the lookout for alligators which we knew were in the area but we didn't see any. There were lots of ospreys, ducks, wading birds and fish along with the ever present dolphins which rolled in pairs by the boat. Sometimes they are so close you swear you're going to hit them but you never do, they are too agile. It was a magical day.

Very calm
We arrived at Barefoot Landing Marina which is attached to Barefoot Landing, an outlet complex by Myrtle Beach. It's great fun just to walk around the grounds and peek in at the many store. The temperature was in the 70's with very dry air, so dry that there's a fire warning out for the area due to the low humidity. You can typically buy $50 slacks for $10 with similar savings on other clothing.

On Tuesday we headed for Brookgreen Gardens. We've never been there but it's famous in the area and should be fun.

(I have a bunch of new photos but the upload site it currently down, I'll upload the next time it's up)