Monday, April 23, 2012

Cedar Creek - At anchor

There's even shrimp boats in here - but kind of shallow for us in their harbor
Wow, a high of only 61 today! Combine that with  a 25 kt wind and that's cold. Right now it's only 58 with the same wind speed. The front came through yesterday and behind it was a rush of cold air. We left Swansboro before the high winds kicked up but as we headed west, the winds commenced. We had nothing but white caps behind us all the way to Morehead City. Nobody was going in the opposite direction!

1 to 2 ft waves were rolling into the anchorage
Once in the Adams Creek canal, the going was much easier since there was no fetch to kick up waves. However, pulling into the anchorage for the night, Cedar Creek, there was a long stretch of clear water for waves to build. Not too bad we thought since the winds were predicted to subside to 10 kts or less by 8:00 pm (Ha!) It is now 8:20 pm and the winds are clocking at 20 kts still! The anchorage is full of white caps and streamers from the blown foam off the waves, some anchorage! The one plus is no current so we're pointing into the wind and waves resulting in very little boat action at anchor. Oh yes, we also have the genset which for the present has decided to perform its duties so we have heat from the A/C which has also decided to cooperate for the present to make the cabin toasty. Hopefully, they will all agreed to work again tomorrow morning when the low is predicted to be 41!

On Tuesday we're due at the Zeisings, probably sometime around 2:00 pm, hope they have heat...