Sunday, April 8, 2012

Savannah at Hinckley Marina - A day exploring around Savannah

The lighthouse at Tybee
When I walked Hoolie this morning I noticed that the river had risen at high tide enough to cover the bottom of our rental tires, just below the brakes, a close call. There had been a coastal flood warning due to the combination of a spring tide and on shore winds and swells. This marina is not very high so the waters covered the entire marina, just not very deep, luckily. The days we spent here will put us in sync with the high tides we need for transiting the very shallow areas of the ICW ahead of us in Georgia and South Carolina!

It's only 150 ft down but it seems like a lot more - that's Ann waving
Having a rental car (that survived the spring tide!) we drove out to Tybee Island close to the entrance to the harbor and therefore strategic to its defense. It was an early location for a lighthouse and has a rich history in all the wars. It is now maintained by a society dedicated to its preservation. At one time it had the tallest lighthouse in America and now stands at 150 ft. Of course I had to climb to the top but Ann stayed down below to watch. It was an interesting area, you ought to visit if in Savannah.

On the way back we drove down Victory Avenue with the overhanging live oaks with moss hanging down. Ann took a video (clink on video) through the windshield you might want to look at. I've never seen anything like it anywhere else.

Monday morning we set out for Beaufort where we plan on a one day stay.