Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pungo River - At anchor

All by ourselves in the Pungo River anchorage
We awoke to 25 kt winds this morning! We were expecting 10 kts or so but Mother Nature had other ideas. Looking at the radar we could see a collection of storm clouds off to the east and we were getting the back wash off the system from the northeast, a bad direction for the Zeising anchorage which is open in that direction. We had visions of staying another day in the anchorage but then the storm moved further off shore and the winds abated to the 10 kt range. With that we got a belated start on the way to the Pungo River anchorage.

Pungo River shoreline
The trip across the Pamlico River is only about 4 miles at most so even with higher winds, it is doable. The one to look out for is Albemarle Sound which is much wider and more susceptible to adverse wind conditions.

So we are safely ensconced in the Pungo River anchorage which is just before the Alligator-Pungo Canal that leads to the Alligator River (wonder why they call it that...) The anchorage is very protected and perfect in a northeast wind and, of course, it has the Hoolie relief requirement - a deserted, sandy beach.

Hopefully we'll spend a quiet night and continue on to Alligator River Marina before heading across the Albemarle the next day. Hope it warms up sometime soon, high of 65 today.