Friday, April 27, 2012

Zeisings' Anchorage - A trip to New Bern for an iPad and lunch

A nearby house, a beautiful setting next to the Zeisings
Bill became so enamored of my iPad that he decided to get one too. The first step was to install WiFi in his Hughes satellite internet connection. Step two was to buy an iPad2 in Walmart for $399 (the iPad2, not the newest iPad). Configuring the hookup to WiFi was easy, a strong point of Apple products. The Zeising household has jointed the 21st century!

Fire in the trees? No - the setting sun
The stay at the Zeisings entailed a lot of bridge playing and some very fine meals prepared by Pat with wine selected by Bill, all very enjoyable. One of the real pleasures of cruising down the ICW is visiting with friends along the way, especially ones with their own anchorage! They have their own dock for easy shore access and with the bridge and meals, it cannot be beat, it's our favorite stop on the ICW. Now if they could only run a 1/2 mile electrical and water line out to the boat, it would be perfect :)

We'll leave Saturday morning to cross the Pamlico River on the way to the Pungo River anchorage. These river crossings can be rough if the wind pipes up out of the east but it's supposed to be relatively calm in the morning. We may even try to sail for a change.