Thursday, April 26, 2012

Zeising's Anchorage - We provision and buy a router

Zeising's anchorage - we're the white dot just to the right of center
Bill and Pat have Hughes Net for internet service but didn't have a router so couldn't access the internet via WiFi. So while Ann and Pat shopped for groceries, Bill and I visited the nearby computer shop for a router with wireless capabilities. We took the one recommended to work well with Hughes Net and headed home after picking up Ann and Pat at Food Lion.

The trouble with setting up a router with Hughes internet is that their modem acts like a router, it has the same addresses as a router and that can confuse the computer. Luckily, the setup routine supplied with the router was able to recognize the situation and automatically changed the URL of the router so there was no conflict. Their WiFi was up and running in a matter of minutes. Now all their devices can access the internet wirelessly (Nook, Kindle, etc.) without having to travel to the nearest hotspot in a far away town.

In the meatime, I installed a new washdown pump, a Jabso Hotspot with 6 gal/min output at 70 psi, much better than the old pump at 40 psi and much less volume. Unfortunately, it requires a 20 amp circuit breaker so I have to change the supply switch, nothing comes for free.

We'll be here another day before leaving on Saturday.