Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Charleston Maritime Center - At a dock

We're the fourth boat in
It is crowded in Charleston. The season has come early according to the dockmaster. We had intended to eat out tonight and chose Hyman's, a famous restaurant in Charleston. Since it was a Wednesday we thought it wouldn't be crowded. So we had our usual wine on the back of the boat and headed downtown around 5:30. Getting to Hyman's we so the crowd outside from a block off, it didn't look good. I asked the waiter for a table and she said it would be an hour wait! We don't wait for tables anymore so off we went. Then we tried a restaurant down the street and they only had a 30 min wait. Enough! We went by Harris Teeter, a local supermarket, and bought sushi and fried chicken for dinner and had a great time on the back of the boat - best view of the harbor in Charleston anyway.

Wait in line here? Never!
So the warm weather is good for business down here for sure. There's also a weather warning posted for dry air and winds which raises the alert for brush fires, very high danger for the next few weeks. Meanwhile, we'll enjoy Charleston and restock over the next few days. We also discovered Redbox and $1.30 movie rentals, great value. Got to clean the boat Thursday!