Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hinckley at Savannah - Breakfast at Huey's

No way is this guy going to get under that bridge!
Jack and Kay Cothren took us out to breakfast Saturday at Huey's, a great place on the river in Savannah, many thanks to Jack and Kay! It was a clear, cool day with a low this morning of 49! I think we may be coming north too soon again, like last year. Anyway, it's always amazing to see the huge ships in the river go by so close. You would swear they could never make it under the bridge but they somehow do.

A wonderful dog park - found next to the laundromat
We rented a car for the weekend since we still had laundry to do (Spin City) and groceries to get - necessities seem to always creep in now and then. Jack told us of a dog park right next to the laundromat and Ann ran Hoolie there while the machines were going. There must have been two dozen dogs, Hoolie was in dog heaven! Driving in Savannah you notice how beautiful the city is. Many of the streets are covered in canopy fashion by live oaks, like driving in a large tunnel. On some streets there are signs directing trucks to take the outside lane to avoid the overhanging trees (not mere branches, but trunks!)

Be sure not to miss Charlie Teeple when in Savannah!
On the way back to Hinckley, we stopped at Charlie Teeple for BBQ, a famous place in Savannah. It's not even big enough to qualify as a roadhouse but it does have very good pork BBQ which we took back to the boat. On Sunday we'll explore Savannah some more and then Ann will cook an Easter dinner aboard. She found a small ham and some trimmings for dinner that night, got to have a ham for Easter!