Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Wahoo River - At anchor

All by ourselves at Wahoo River
Today we went through the grasses. All you see on all sides is grass with the channel of the ICW weaving through it all. There are places where the boat ahead of you looks like he's headed right at you, but he's in the next channel over. It's not exactly a straight path.

Come on already, do something....
We approached Mud River and saw the trawler that was ahead of us pulled over with his anchor down. Another sailboat ahead of us did the same thing. What's up, we asked. They said a report of only 3.5 ft at one buoy had been posted and they were afraid of going through and getting grounded. That seemed rather odd since Active Captain reports didn't support that figure. We still had 1.2 ft of tide left before low so we pushed onward. The sailboat that we passed pulled in behind us and was going to follow us through but he got stuck, he had a 6 ft keel. He backed off and turned around to await the tide to come in.

Meanwhile, we proceeded on through and saw no less than 6.5 ft all long the way, plenty for our 4 ' 9" keel and enough for the boat behind us that got stuck too. However, the ICW is very narrow through the cut and you have to pay constant attention to being in the channel. At one point I wandered and saw 6 ft but immediately moved over not more than 20 ft and the depth increased to over 7 ft again. So as we made it through, we left two boats behind us anchored awaiting a higher tide.

We are now anchored at Wahoo River with no civilization in sight, nothing at all - blackness all around tonight, eerie - but peaceful. On Wednesday we finally plan on making it to Hinckley's yard at Savannah to get the engine looked at for running hotter than normal. Hopefully, it's something simple (Ha!)