Sunday, April 15, 2012

Georgetown - At The Boat Shed Marina

Mile after mile - lots of grass, lots of shallow water
The water going north today was a lot thinner than I anticipated. We got down to 6 ft in places and although I only draw 4' 9", there's a lot less leeway if you don't exactly stay in the channel since it's so narrow through here. Nevertheless, we made it through without touching bottom but you had to really pay attention to where you were at. We also didn't see any alligators. We knew from our experience in the past that they were around but we didn't see them.

Nice city walkway along the docks, many bars and restaurants along the way
Georgetown is a quaint town, small but with a nice waterfront with a marina that we like to dock at, The Boat Shed. It's a two person outfit but very personable and they take good care of you. We have always had a face dock with the convenience of fuel within reach without having to move to a separate fuel dock.

We like the face dock here, easy on and easy off
We added to our growing list of "things we can't find", a new laundry bag we just bought. It's on the boat somewhere, we just can't find it. So now the list is: dinghy bow light, large white straw hat and now the laundry bag. These are only the major items...

On Monday we're headed for Barefoot Landing where we'll be for three days. There are gardens nearby we want to visit when we rent a car and we find the whole area an interesting place. Should be fun.


Hudson River to the Keys said...

Hi bob, we're not far bend you. Have a gearbox issue and are in Savannah at Hinckley. Don't remember area near Georgetown being so skinny. Thanks for the info. Maybe we'll do the outside and avoid the stretch. Will keep up with your blog and maybe meet up somewhere on the ICW. harela