Thursday, October 26, 2017

Toler's Cove Marina - We provision

The typical 4 bedroom, 3300 ft2 home in Toler's Cove goes for $1.4M
The fair weather continues and we took advantage of it today to provision for the rest of the trip south. Toler's Cove offers free rides to the nearest supermarket for transients. We chose Harris Teeter which has a  beautiful store in the area.

The pond comes with their own breed of ducks, one with a top knot
From here to Titusville, we plan on traveling everyday unless the weatherman has other ideas. We will hit some of the shallow areas at pretty much low tide but the lows are still 1.5 ft over datum so it's not a low low.

It really is a nice area, a Maserati was parked in one slot
Our stop for Friday night will be B and B Seafood. Like RE Mayo, it's not really a marina but rather a shrimp dock that rents out extra space to transients. The price is right but there's no electric the last time we were there. What they do have fresh shrimp right off the boat. We always pick up a pound and have shrimp for dinner that night.