Monday, October 2, 2017

Atlantic City - at a $1.50/ft dock

We made it!
Our trip down the New Jersey coast was quite fine. The wind was at our backs (just as predicted) and the waves were 2 to 3 ft but with a long period so you hardly noticed them (just as predicted) and even the tide was with us all the way. We made the trip in 10 hours and 30 minutes. It usually takes us 11 to 11.5 hours from Atlantic Highlands to the Golden Nugget. It's only $1.50/ft in October (their winter rates) if you belong to Marina Life. Otherwise, it's $2.00/ft.

Just taking a rest on our mast
Along the way we picked up a rider. A bird (as of yet unidentified) hitched a ride on Fleetwing for a rest. We were about 2 to 3 miles off-shore and I guess he had nowhere else to go. We watched him, he watched us and then he flew off.

As expected there were a lot of boats going south today since this was a weather window for the trip but not as many as I expected. We all arrived at the docks at the same time so there was chaos there with no help coming in. To top it all off, the docks were covered with used bird food. Actually, where the regulars were, the docks were clean but for the seldom used areas, the seagulls had a field day.

The Golden Nugget at night
We will wait out high winds Tuesday and dock at Cape May on Wednesday. We like to travel on good days from here on out. We will get as far south as time permits before coming home for the holidays in a car rental.


Mary said...

My bird identification guess would be a Northern Flicker

Dawn R said...

Safe travels to you and Anne. We will be heading to Cape May this am. Maybe we will see you along the way.