Monday, October 30, 2017

Kilkenny Marina - at a dock

A meeting in a remote anchorage in Georgia
We timed our arrival at Hell Gate for a 4 ft tide but with the strong west winds, we didn't get as much advantage as usual. The Savannah tide station was initially showing a tide of 1.5 ft under normal to make our 4 ft cushion only 2.5 ft. As the day worn on and the winds lessened and the delta decreased to 0.7 ft which was still a lot but less than the initial 1.5 ft. That's the problem with reporting what you see through some of the shallow spots, it's hard to figure the tide effect due to wind unless you know where to look. There are predicted vs actual tide stations all along the coast and they display their readings in real time on their websites. Here's a list of not only the tide vs predicted water levels but other useful links too.

As far as Hell Gate was concerned, the GPX route worked for 4 ft MLW, Hell Gate has shoaled since the spring so you really need some tide to get through. Field's Cut was no problem with at least 7 MLW and mostly more all the way through.

We had a delicious dinner and companionship with other cruising friends this evening. It's a great part of being on the water, meeting and enjoying the company of others along the way. I highly recommend the experience.

On Tuesday we may anchor at Crescent River or we may go on to the Jekyll Island anchorage, it all depends on the weather and the progress we're making along the way.