Sunday, October 8, 2017

Solomons - at anchor with a leaking water pump

Have a cruise on one of Chesapeake Bay's unique ship designs
The weather was not as bad as predicted. Kwal, from our yacht club, made it down today from near Annapolis with predicted winds of 10 to 15 with 20 kt gusts and 3 ft waves. He encountered no such thing. It was more like 5 to 10 with 1 to 2 ft waves. The weather reports have been far off on this trip south.

We have to get our sea water pump replaced at Zahniser's on Monday and then we're good to go on Tuesday with light winds out of the south. We should be able to make Hampton by Wednesday afternoon. We've spent all our provisioning time at Solomons so we plan on being in Hampton just one night.

There must be a Krogen rendezvous 
On Thursday, we hope to be off to Coinjock and their famous rib steak. We still don't know yet how far south we'll get this trip but we'll find somewhere to leave the boat for our holiday trip north before Thanksgiving.