Friday, October 27, 2017

B & B Seafood - at their dock

Their dock can only handle two boats
Once we got started, it made more sense to push on to B and B Seafood. The water was perfectly flat, there was no wind and we had full sun in the cockpit. It was a perfect day for traveling. The shallow spots were, well, shallow! Dawho was not too bad but we did pass over a 5.2 MLW spot. Watts Cut was a little shallower yet with a 4.1 MLW spot. The passages seem have less water than I remember in the spring. Maybe it's the lack of rain and east winds. We didn't have any problems since we had plenty of tide behind us, over 3 ft most of the way.

It's not a big place but they do have shrimp!
B & B Seafood is located just  before the Ashepoo-Coosaw cut off which is itself one of the shallow spots on the ICW. We will pass through it with a 2 ft tide and see what happens. Meanwhile, I paid the $25 for the dock (no electric unless you have a very long extension cord) and  bought a pound of fresh shrimp. As we came in, one of their shrimp boats had just docked and they were sorting the shrimp inside - I got a fresh batch! We had shrimp for dinner!

Ours came from here
We will get a late start Saturday morning since we want to wait for a rising tide to tackle Ashepoo. We  could probably plow through at low tide but that's more excitement than I want to experience. With the prediction of sustained good weather, we decided to target Windmill Marina on Saturday which is on Hilton Head. You have to go through a lock to enter the marina, a new experience for us. We've never been there before.


Fred Brillo said...

Bob, By now Im sure youre aware that there is a strong low pressure area/tropical storm moving northward. It will pass south Florida Sunday and up the coast. You may be affected depending on how fast you move south. Stay safe.

Bob423 said...

Fred, the first thing we look at every morning and evening is the tropical weather report! So far, it’s projected to go east of Florida - but of course that could change.