Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Fishing Bay Yacht Club - at their free dock

Fleetwing at the Fishing Bay YC free dock
After all the high winds and waves, the Chesapeake settled down today with winds of 5 kts or less and almost no wave action. We took advantage of the good weather to make the 56 Nm trek to the Fishing Bay YC. The Bay was flat with no wind all the way. They offer one night's free stay to members of a recognized yacht club. The Poughkeepsie YC, which just celebrated their 125th anniversary, qualifies. We've been staying here for at least 10 years and they are always welcoming. The electricity is also free of charge and the dock is very protected. John Kwak followed us in and took the dock behind us.

Wednesday is projected to be rainy. The official NOAA forecast shows 5 to 10 kts but other forecasts show much more wind. Hopefully, the official forecast is correct. Both forecasts show a rainy day heading south with thunderstorms in the afternoon so we plan on an early start to avoid those.

Sailboat rule at this YC
We still plan on being in Hampton Wednesday night but leaving Thursday morning. We would like to stay ahead of the Snowbird Rendezvous so we're not fighting for dock space on the way south. I think they are due to leave the following Tuesday so we should have a head start.