Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Beaufort NC at Homer Smith's Marina - at their docks

I'm not quite sure that these boat are for but we saw three today. They seem to want an angled view of the water
The winds finally calmed down to around 15 kts out of the northeast so we headed out down the Neuse River. It's a shallow body of water that can really kick up if you try to go against the wind but that was not the case today as we had the wind behind us most of the way. We used to anchor at Cedar Creek but them we discovered Homer Smith in Beaufort. He has first-rate docks and the marina is within walking distance of downtown Beaufort.The washer and dryer are free and there's a courtesy car too. Fresh shrimp is available since the marina still hosts a shrimp fleet. It has become one of our favorite marinas.

Core Creek Bridge at 1.0 ft tide
To reach the dockage area of Beaufort you can depart the ICW and take the east  branch of the channel in the area known at the "confusing area" where the ICW take a sharp turn to the west. You even appear to take one green buoy on the "wrong" side, the Russell Slough Junction Light RS. It's painted green but it's a junction buoy which can be passed on either side. We passed it on the east side when heading south into the channel leading to Beaufort.

New Bridge at Beaufort (name?) at 0.4 tide

We will be here for another day for provisioning before heading south again. We'll have to call Camp Lejune to find out the story there. Meanwhile, I continue my quest of taking a photo of every bridge height  board along the way.

A peaceful evening