Thursday, October 5, 2017

Rock Hall Landing Marina - at their dock

Hoolie says Hi! He's very patient when he travels - but watch out when he's on land, a hundred miles an hour!
We had intended stopping at Chesapeake City but with the following tide, we arrived there at 11:30 which was too early to stop. So we soldiered on and wound up at Rock Hall by 5:00 pm. The last time we were there was on our first trip down the ICW, eight years ago. Even so, the dockmaster remembered our boat and was there waiting for us to arrive shortly after closing time.

It was a long trip from Cohansey Island to Rock Hall but the winds were less than 10 kts out of the south and the water was mostly flat although it did pipe up to 10 to 15 kts for awhile (the weatherman can never seem to get everything right...) We did not have a calm night at Cohansey Island since the wind shifted out of the west to northwest instead of the predicted southwest and the rollers came right into the anchorage making for a rocky night. We should have anchored farther in to be better protected and suffered the increased depth (25 to 40 ft) for a better night.

From Rock Hall. People gathered to watch the sunset, a local tradition
Friday is predicted to be a good day for what that's worth (I'm getting more and more wary of these predictions) and so we plan on taking another long day for the 50 Nm trip down to Solomons where we will anchor by the Holiday Inn. Saturday and Sunday do not appear to be good for going south on the Chesapeake with a 10 to 15 kt wind out of the south with gusts up to 20 kts. I want the wind behind me at least, so we will waiting for better weather at Solomons.

We have reservations at Downtown Hampton Public Piers marina for Monday through Wednesday but it's starting to look iffy due to the weather forecast. The marina is hosting the Snowbird Rally starting Thursday so if we miss the window, we'll have to find somewhere else to dock in Hampton.

Tonight, at least, we expect a calm evening, unlike last night.


Mary Minard said...

We just canceled our dock and rendezvous reservations today since the south winds will keep us from getting there so maybe they would have room both at the dock and for the Snowbird Rendezvous if you were interested. We have been before and it is excellent"

Bob423 said...

Mary, thanks for the information. We'll see what the weather allows.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you are having the typical frustrations of the wonderful weather reporting we seem to get these days.

Whatever happened to your generator and the OC code??

Capn Walt

PS I found your blog last Spring when I was bringing an American Tug up from Southport and your waypoints were included in the owners Ipad. The fact that you had gone into Delaware City Marina settled my concerns over the entrance which as you know looks impassible on the charts. THANKS.

Bob said...

My Booster (5 1/2 year old Dalmatian) wants to see more pics of Hoolie....

Bob423 said...

Capn Walt, I have no idea if people find the waypoints useful or not. I seldom get feedback on them. I’m pleased that they are finding some use. The OC code stood for over cycle, meaning it automatically tried to start three times and failed. The readout on the Genset menu was much more ominous, “Locked Rotor”, yikes. The cause of the problem was a discharged battery that wasn’t receiving a charging current. With that fixed and a recharged battery, the Genset started right up.

Bob, I’ll see what I can do...