Tuesday, October 17, 2017

RE Mayo - at their dock

The bridge (out in the middle of nowhere) seems impossibly thin
We rode out the high winds today (20 to 25 kts) at the RE Mayo docks. We like to travel comfortably. If all we wanted to do was get from point A to point B we'd be in a car. We enjoy the experience of the ICW and stopping often along the way to see the sights. We refuse to be on a schedule, a deadly thing for traveling on water. The weather rules, your desires are secondary.

One of the bow art in the marina
Today we stocked up on frozen seafood which RE Mayo has in frozen blister packs. It's very convenient for stocking up your freezer. Today we concentrated on shrimp, grouper and crab cakes.

Example number two, I like the effect of the tattered flag
I think we will be passed by the captains that attended the Snowbird Rendezvous since we stop so often along the way. Several passed up today headed south. No matter to us, it's the trip along the way that matters to us, not so much the destination.

A better view of the dock we're on. Believe it or not, it's been improved since the last time we were here
It's interesting to walk along the docks and see all the huge shrimp boats. There were six docked here today. They keep their boats in good shape, all painted and looking good. They all have their own bow insignias on the bow. It seems to be a point of pride on a good painting there. I took a few pictures.

John Kwak passed us by today headed for Oriental. 
On Wednesday, we're headed for the Homer Smith Marina in Beaufort, NC. We plan on a two day visit to do laundry and provision for the rest of the trip south. By Wednesday, the winds are predicted to subside to 10 to 15 kts, manageable from the 20 to 25 kts of today. Then we'll see about getting through Camp Lejune and their live firing exercises.


Jamie & Trevor said...

Just spent a few nights at PYC - lovely club you guys have! Rudy told us about your blog and we're really enjoying it - keep up the great work!


Jamie & Trevor

Bob423 said...

Jamie, glad you’re enjoying the blog! Just tag along as we continue our storm ravaged cruise. Hopefully, we’ll have a period of good weather this coming week.