Friday, October 13, 2017

Hampton - I give a seminar on the ICW

The audience for my presentation on ICW hazards
The weather continues to be the worst we've ever experienced on the ICW migration, north or south. Just a lot of wind and rain - all the time. We had wanted to leave Saturday and just go 24 Nm to the free dock after Great Bridge but the weather for crossing the Albemarle went south and now we need to go all the way to Coinjock Saturday so we can cross on Sunday. It's doable  but it's a long day.

Meanwhile, I took on one of the classes at the Snowbird Migration on ICW hazards. It was well attended and seemed to be successful. It was much easier using the iPad as the presentation device since you could expand the screen with the two finger magnify motion and move the screen center with just one finger. It was much easier than using a laptop.

We'll leave Saturday around 7:00 am for Coinjock since there are several bridges that need to open, not to mention the lock - all causing delays for the 54 Nm trip.