Monday, October 23, 2017

Osprey Marina - at a dock

We pushed off at 8:30 and passed by Jim and Eileen's house along the way
We used to always stop at  Barefoot Landing marina with all the shops. However, it's not what it used to be. It was taken over by a national outfit and they raised all the rents by 30% or more which resulted in many of the best stores leaving. So this year we just skipped the marina and went on to Osprey which is less expensive too at $1/ft.

Height board at the bridge by the
Socastee Swing Bridge with a 2.4 ft tide (not 65 ft!)
Osprey tried to go the extra mile and they have excellent dock hands. The marina added a long face dock that parallels the route coming in. It adds room for a lot more boats. The docks they added are first rate, made with IPE lumber - top of the line. They just recently added an extension to the first face dock even closer to the ICW but they are having trouble getting electrical towers for the docks. It seems they are in great demand in Florida due to Hurricane Irma and they have been wait-listed.

Osprey's one long face dock, nicely made
For those following trouble spots,  both Lockwoods Folly and Shallotte Inlet are no problem. They have both been properly buoyed and all  you have to do is just honor the buoys to stay out of trouble. For more details, just read my Active Captain posts I entered today.

They now provide golf carts for the long ride
to the main office
We are due for thunderstorms tonight but we're tucked in well and they are all supposed to be gone by morning.Then we'll head out for Georgetown and a dock in town to stage us for the Isle of Palms.