Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Georgetown - at Harborwalk Marina

Georgetown was founded in 1729 and they've kept the character of the area intact.
Here's the art gallery with some very good paintings
We took our dock yesterday at Osprey Marina bow in so this morning we had to go farther in and then find room to turn around. It was a little tight but with no wind and no current, not really a challenge. All the storms came through last night and today dawned with blue skies and fair winds. So our streak of fair weather days since Beaufort continues. We figure we have a month's worth of fair weather days in the bank after the terrible fall trying to get down here with all the hurricanes and other storms.

Don't forget to get seafood at Independent Seafood in town
The Waccamaw River from Barefoot Landing to Georgetown is beautiful. It goes through swamps at the northern end and opens up into a bay at the bottom. We know there are alligators in the fresh water river since we visited a plantation several years ago with a boat ride featuring their native alligators sunning themselves on the nearby banks. They tend to stay away from the main channel with its swift currents and reside in the streams coming off the main river.

Autumn is in the air - time to head south!
Today was a short day in order to get us positioned for a ride through the shallow spots of the Isle of Palms at high tide, especially McClellanville. We have reservations at Tolers Cove for two nights. They will take you to the nearest supermarket at no charge which we will use to provision for the rest of the trip south. I'll keep you posted on what we find in the Isle of Palms.