Monday, October 21, 2013

Wahoo River anchorage - at anchor

Out in the middle of nowhere - very dark, no lights at all
The day dawned overcast but still not cold, good for going south (where the weather is warmer!) Our challenge today was getting through "Hell Gate" just south of Savannah. It's a short cut that can  be rough and shallow but with an 8.3 ft tide that we had, it was no problem. The secret to going south on the ICW is to get in sync with the tides so the high tides are due late morning to early afternoon. With high tides of 6 to 8 ft down here, that strategy gives you a lot of leeway.

Some have asked, "What do you eat while on the trip south?" We may average eating out once every two weeks or so but mostly Ann prepares wonderful meals. For example, tonight she made Beef Stroganoff from a frozen steak we had (cut into strips) with fresh onions, butter, garlic, Worcestershire,  etc. per the recipe. That came with a pear salad with crumbled blue cheese and for dessert she prepared Apple-Maple Turnovers. It's great to have a good cook aboard on the trip south, I highly recommend it!

Ann with her another great meal! The captain is very happy!
We took Hoolie ashore upon our arrival at 3:00 pm and the shore was all mud! Hoolie was a mess and it took about half an hour to get him cleaned up and the dinghy presentable. Now it's dark and I have to take Hoolie ashore for his last trip of the day. I delayed the trip hoping for a tide high enough to avoid most of the mud but I don't think that's going to happen. Nevertheless, Hoolie has to get ashore...

In the morning, we're headed for the Jekyll Island anchorage, our last stop north of Florida - then it's the Sunshine State!!