Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Charleston Maritime Center - Oil and laundry day

Ocean Classroom on the foreground boat (lots of kids), huge cruise ship in the background
The weather is warming up nicely but before we can go out and play (tour downtown Charleston) there was work to be done. The Maritime Center has two washers and two dryers, both free. However, that attracts everybody and especially the kids on the "Ocean Classroom" aft of our boat (the photo yesterday). They all crowd around the machines, hard to get a time slot. Ann spent most of the day sitting by the washers to be sure we got our laundry done (great fun?) Meanwhile, it comes a time when the diesel has to be attended to and today was oil change day. I had already bought the oil (Shell 15W-40) at Walmart, they have the best prices as you would expect, and used a vacuum pump to get the oil out. I've found that all marinas have some provision for disposing of used oil and the Maritime Center was no different.

One of the few boats I've seen with air exhaust (like a diesel truck)
Having completed our tasks for the day, we visited our favorite supermarket, Harris Teeter and stocked up for the rest of the trip. Fresh salmon was on the menu tonight along with sushi as an appetizer, all very good. I am also waiting for a new pigtail hose for the connection between the propane tank and the regulator. I had ordered one last week and had it sent to the Maritime Center but when I went to screw it on, I found it did not fit! I had thought, a pigtail was a pigtail, never dreaming there were different kinds. I mean, how many ways can you connect a propane tank on a boat to a pressure regulator? Apparently, more than one way. I wound up ordering one directly from Beneteau which I should have done in the first place, live and learn. So if you ever have to replace a leaking pigtail connector (20 inches long), beware and check for the proper connection on the end that goes to the regulator. The end that plugs into the tank is standard.

Thursday is "explore downtown Charleston" day so we'll see what they have to offer and take pictures. On Friday we'll shove off again and probably anchor out at Steamboat Creek depending on how far we get and the state of the tides.