Friday, October 4, 2013

Pamlico Plantation - last day at dock

No more house on the ICW - but a beautiful house much closer to everything for Bill and Pat Zeising
Today was time to refill the water tanks and get ready to push off Saturday morning but first we visited Bill and Pat Zeising in their new house. Every trip on the way down we've anchored in front of Bill and Pat's house on the ICW. However, the house became a lot of keep up and just last week they were successful in selling it and moving closer in to town. So our anchorage at the Zeisings is now open, we won't be there again.

Liz Bunch makes very intricate baskets, impossible looking designs. Look at the concave bottom!  Bill agrees.
On to a nice lunch with Don and Liz and then provisioning for the rest of the trip. It looks like Karen has slowed down somewhat so we're making a dash down the ICW while the weather is still calm. We hope to make a 50 mile hop to the Cedar Creek anchorage on Adams Creek. That will position us well for the next leg to Swansboro where we'll either anchor or take a dock depending on wind predictions. It will feel good to get past the Neuse River while it's relatively calm. A powercat we know was caught in strong winds on the Neuse last year and reported that the ride was rougher than anything they experienced in cruising to the Bahamas and up and down the coast.

So we'll anchor at Cedar Creek and evaluate the various weather sources to figure out our next stopping point. There usually enough variation in predictions to make things interesting.