Saturday, October 26, 2013

Ft Matanzas - at anchor

That's Ft Matanzas on the left
We had some more skinny water today, this is beginning to be routine, not good! On the other hand, we've seen more dredgers in Florida than all the other states combined. They want to attract boaters, the other states couldn't care less. So we made it through today without much spare room under the keel but make it we did. After a few trips you start to recognize the shallow spots and say, "Oh yeah, I remember this place, you've got to go to the green side to get by..." I dutifully update Active Captain so those following me south will have more to go on than I did.

Here's what 60 degree wear looks like down here - full body armor
We refueled at St Augustine. Ann does most of the boat handling now. She took us out of Harbortown and into the fuel dock at St Augustine, she's getting a very good feel for the boat and how it responds to wind and current which only comes from experience. I still do most of the navigating through skinny water where there're cautions on Active Captain but she's starting to do a few of those too.

We anchored tonight at one of our favorite anchorages on the ICW, at Ft Matanzas. It's actually a real fort form times before there was even a United States. The Spanish had control of the area then and were guarding against an attack from the French through the inlet and up to St Augustine. the park service runs a free shuttle to the fort with a tour once an hour and we're anchored right out in front.

It's not only the snowbirds that have trouble with the depths - locals too
We plan on continuing on Sunday to Rockhouse Creek and another anchorage, the price is right! Like here, it also has Hoolie relief, a must for us. The weather is predicted to warm up finally into the low 80's over the next few days, nice.