Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Jekyll Island - at anchor

A lonely shrimp boat goes about his business
It was mud city once again for Hoolie. he sunk in to his ankles in the river mud as he scampered up the slope to do his business. He was a mess hopping  back into the dinghy - as was the dinghy when we returned to the boat! Ann showered him on the swim platform and did manage to get him fairly clean. Hoolie has a habit of grooming himself somewhat like a cat so at the end of the day he was pretty clean. The Wahoo River anchorage is great for wind protections and wake protection but lousy for taking a dog ashore because of the mud. Our next anchorage will have a dock (at Jekyll Island).

At Jekyll Island anchorage - all alone
Thunderstorms were predicted for most of the day and we saw them on radar all around us but somehow they all missed us! The wind wasn't much to worry about so we motored on south and continued our love affair with the weather on our trip south this fall, just perfect. In the Jekyll island passage we came in with 5.5 ft of tide and would have been aground if we had came in a low tide! The water depth doesn't seem to be consistent since I followed the same course I did in the spring but found about 4 ft less water. You have to watch the wind tides down here in addition to the regular tides caused by the moon and sun.

It's perfectly still tonight with no wind and on Wednesday we only have 23 miles to reach Fernandina where we'll stay for a couple of days on a mooring. Fernandina is a fun town to explore and walk around and we'll enjoy finally reaching Florida! Hurray!