Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Harbor Village Marina - Last day

Mike Moran of Norrie Point (at one time)
Mike Moran is the manager of the marina which is actually the privately owned slips for the houses surrounding the docks. At any one time there are empty slips and he rents them out for the housing association that owns the marina for a fee. Plus, the marina also sells fuel to members and transients.

Well, in paying my bill today he mentioned that he knew exactly where Lagrangeville, NY was which surprised me since most people have never heard of the town. It turned out that he used to manage Norrie Point Marina! In fact, he knew many of the old timers at the Poughkeepsie Yacht Club including Einar Reeves, Joe Mastri and Ernie Klopping. He had intended at one time to apply for the job of Steward at PYC but when he asked Einar when he intended to retire (so the job would be open) he received no definite answer so he explored other options down south. So it's a small world after all.

The strong winds have pushed water into the ICW and the marina, much higher than normal
The marina that most of the snowbirds stop at near here was at Surf City but that marina went bankrupt. It seems that one of the condo owners in Harbor Village is negotiating buying the marina and if so Mike would manage it too. The marina at Surf City offers access to town facilities and restaurants as well as the beach, all things that Harbor Village lacks. I hope they succeed in taking the facility off the bank's hands.

The wind continues to howl here, presently still at 17 to 19 kts! If you  believe the weather forecast, it's supposed to moderate on Thursday at which time we'll head south to Carolina Beach and take a mooring. We've made great use of our ground tackle to date but now we're entering a section of the ICW where finding an anchoring spot will be difficult, especially with shore access for a dog. Not only are alligators starting to be a possibility but the shore also becomes more crowded with homes which limits shore access. So Thursday will be a mooring at Carolina Beach followed a a stay at Barefoot Landing, Georgetown and on to Charleston by Wednesday, if the post wind weather holds (10 to 15 kts instead of 15 to 25 kts).