Sunday, October 27, 2013

Nice of the dredgers to provide such a wonderful place for us...
Unlike Georgia and South Carolina, Florida has been hard at work making the waterways safe for boaters. We've seen more dredgers in Florida than all the other states combined, no contest. We passed two more just today dredging inlets where we barely got through in the spring. It's a great relief to see 14 ft of water where you saw  barely 5 ft in the spring (or less!) So at any rate, we made great progress today and got down to Rockhouse Creek anchorage. As we came into the anchorage, there was even a dredger in place but they had put two white buoys in place to mark a temporary entrance to avoid their dredging hoses floating on the surface.

Everybody was out on such a warm, sunny afternoon
One thing we've noticed this fall was the extraordinary number of jellyfish. The water was thick with them with one every foot or so. We've never seen them so thick. We had the genset running this morning and all of a sudden it quit. When I went into diagnostics on the genset menu, it said the cause of the shutdown was low seawater pressure. In other words, lack of cooling water coming through the seacock for the genset. It appears that a jellyfish got sucked up into the intake opening and clogged the flow of water. I took the washdown pump from the anchor locker, ran a hose to the cockpit and flushed out the seawater input hose to the genset. Once that was done, I restarted the genset and it seemed to work fine. I never ran into that before!

We won't' get lost, we have our own lighthouse here
On Monday we pull into Titusville for a week's stay. We'll also rent a car and see the sights nearby. Hoolie will enjoy the dog park right next door and we'll provision and do laundry and have some fun.