Thursday, October 3, 2013

Pamlico Plantation - at the guest dock, day 2

The entrance to the Bunch's condo, they are all the same color  but they have their own school flags outside
 If you are invited by a member of the Pamlico Plantation, you can use the transient dock at no charge but you do have to pay for electricity at $5/day. It's interesting watching the water depth go up and down with the winds. With the advent of a west wind today, the water was blown out and we were down to 6.2 ft from 7 ft yesterday. We were told that during sustained periods of a strong west wind, the depths can get so shallow that some of the boats are sitting in mud. We don't have that problem now. However, a storm is brewing in the Gulf, Karen, and it's headed north. We're watching it closely and the storm track is projected to be inland and reach North Carolina on Sunday, the very day we were going to leave Pamlico Plantation. We'll take another look in the morning and we'll probably leave Saturday morning to hole up somewhere south of here as the heavy rains pass over. The winds are projected to be 35 mph or so, not hurricane strength but certainly enough to be taken seriously.

Pampas grass is popular as ornamentals in the area 
Meanwhile, I'm doing work on our boat insurance (list of upgrades for the record) and Ann's doing a wash but the real attraction is just visiting with long-time friends, Don and Liz Bunch. The meals have been memorable. It's provisioning day on Friday and getting the boat ready to move again (filling the water tanks) and a few other odds and ends. Hope Karen behaves itself!