Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Titusville - Mastri heads south and of course we visit Walmart

Joe left this morning for Boynton Beach where he has a condo for the winter months. He spends the summers at the Poughkeepsie Yacht Club on his boat and the winters in Boynton Beach. So he has the best of both worlds, warm weather all around.

The Gulf Stream is not far off-shore, clouds form there over the warmer waters and march east as above
Our stay at the Titusville Municipal Marina has been so pleasant that we've decided to leave the boat here instead of at Stuart when we return to New York for the holidays. The marina was willing to prorate the $10/ft monthly fee for the partial month we'll be here in January. That's a little under $14/day for our 42 ft boat, or $0.33/ft per day, not a bad deal. With that we'll have more time to explore the area and enjoy the warm weather before heading north to the cold climes!

The birds left a mess on one boat which the captain was washing off - leaving fresh water to drain - which attracts Manatees!
Every boater's friend is Walmart. With the advent of including groceries in Walmart Supercenters, it's a one stop shopping experience for a boater. We're fond of one of the quick meals they offer in the form of a pound of BBQ pork by Jack Daniels. It was $3 cheaper at Walmart than at Publix, $5 vs $8, enough to pay attention to. So fully stocked once again, we headed back to the boat and Hoolie's turn at the dog park making buddies with all the other dogs there. He just runs and runs and runs.

Kennedy Space Center from afar - we'll visit later in the week - it's one of the world's largest buildings
We plan on visiting the Merritt Island wildlife reserve on Thursday and enjoy their nature walks and look at the local wildlife. We have a list of gardens and wildlife areas we want to be sure and see over the next few days. We also finally got our flu shots today in time for our trip north for the holidays since it takes about two weeks for the shop to become effective.