Thursday, October 17, 2013

Charleston Maritime Marina - We explore downtown Charleston and generally have fun

For rides around town, take a carriage!

We finally got our act together and started our walk to downtown, about five blocks away, around 1:30. We really do not adhere to schedules on days other than when we have to in order to take advantage of the tides or good weather. We've been spoiled by our extended vacation, I'd recommend it for everyone. The weather is just glorious with blue skies and temps in the mid 70's!

For shopping, try the mall in the middle of downtown
Downtown has all the high-end shops you would expect of a good shopping area and many places to eat. They even have an Apple store. However, except for special occasions, we prefer to have our dinners on the boat so we stopped by Harris Teeter on the way back for fresh pork and a seafood appetizer.

Everywhere you see handmade baskets, a speciality of Charleston
I got my replacement propane tank pigtail, this time it fits the pressure regulator! So now we once again have a working stove. We plan on leaving Charleston Friday for Steamboat Creek, then a Hilton Head RV Marina and then Savannah at Hinckley Marina on Sunday. We just plan on staying one day before heading south again on Monday. We're about a week ahead of last year and roughly two to three weeks ahead of most of the boats heading south. The weather has been so wonderful (and the hurricane season so tame) that we've taken advantage of every opportunity to go south.
Charleston is a major port, this huge ship is dwarfed by the unloading cranes!