Monday, October 28, 2013

Titusville - at a dock

It's really thoughtful of the state to provide nesting sites for ospreys...
Another beautiful day in paradise. Not much wind but with temperatures in the 70's, who cares? There's no rain int he forecast for the next week so south we went. The anchorage at Rockhouse Creek last night was like being on land, still and no rocking.

We though this was just another abandoned boat but then look at the caption - they have a website! 
We saw dolphins and manatees along the way south along with ospreys and more. It's like being in a marine park (which we were part of the time). We passed under the Haulover Bridge which is used by the Kennedy Space Center to move equipment for launches. There were no delays today since there were no launches due in the near future.

We're settled in for the night - oops, we left our anchor light on (the one on the left) but we're not alone
So now we are settling in at Titusville Municipal Marina for a couple of weeks to enjoy the weather and explore the surrounding area. I have a car reserved for a week starting Tuesday and we'll see what looks interesting. We'll probably revisit the Space Center since I already have a pass from the spring and the Merritt Island nature center. Turning inward, we'll look at nature preserves next to the Indian River. It's all in the name of having fun in the warm weather.

Also on the agenda is getting back in shape for me (4 mile runs) and doing laundry. It's hard not to really enjoy the great weather, we're looking forward to it.